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Step 1  - How to place a peer to peer match

Home Win (Left side)

Away Win ( Right side)

Step 1 Mad Hatter Rules.png

Step 2  - What is Winner 1 and Winner 2

Winner 1 (Home Team)

Winner 2 (Away Team)

Your minimum game is $50 USD but given the price of Ether and the gas fees associated with each transaction, a bet becomes cost effective when placed and a $100 average bet.

Members that pick one side of a game will NOT see their pick on the Open Games section on the homepage as members can't place both sides of the game.

No pick can be made once the game has started.

NFL schedules are Thursday, Sunday and Monday.  All new NFL picks can be made starting each Wednesday prior to Thursday's game.

Odds, Spreads and Money Lines are for informational purposes only and do not constitute AWC acting as a house or bank.

MAd Hatter Winner 2.png

You must provide your Digital Wallet Address in your site profile.

AWC receives a 15% fee for software management on all games played from the gross proceeds received by the winner.

There are no maximum game size picks.

Payouts are made in "Like-Kind".

Members can play as many games as they wish provided the pick is fully funded prior to the beginning of the game.

Picks that are not accepted by another member prior to the start of the game are considered inactive games and all funds are returned to their respective owners.

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